Justice on the Side Reviews

Justice on the Side Reviews


“Justice on the Side”, Nino Green’s long-awaited book, is a wonderfully written account of his character’s adventures as a defense attorney. Nino mixes sophisticated humor with his scrupulous respect for the law and human rights in a collection of “fictional” incidents from downtown Detroit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The settings, mood and music of the times, as well as legal procedure, are genuine.  – Joan Rust, Raid River, MI author Anniecat Chronicles

Bought it. Read it. Loved it. It’s a slice of the varied practice of a “solo”. I not only enjoyed the recognizable characters and locations in Escanaba and the central U.P. but also loved the Detroit chapters, which had familiar characters and locations. *** A great read from start to finish. I know it was a time consuming labor of love, and I am sure you could tell many more, engrossing, and interesting tales. You do it well. Thanks. – Robert LeMire, Lawyer, Escanaba, MI

Congratulations on getting your book published.***. I just finished it and found it a thoroughly enjoyable walk down memory lane especially in terms of recognizing more than a few of the characters. It held my interest throughout. ***Thank for sharing.  – Terry Jardis, Lawyer, Escanaba, MI

“Justice On The Side” is the realistic and engaging story of attorney Ernest Hunter. As the story unfolds, the novel delves into the nuts and bolts of the practice of law with all of its challenges, frustrations, and rewards. By beginning the story in 1964 and concluding it in 1974 the author adds a certain nostalgic appeal to this work. I look forward to the sequel. – Dennis P. Grenkowicz, Lawyer, Alpena, MI

Visit a place where attorneys make house calls, win by luck and by skill, and demonstrate why it’s called “the practice” of law: Ernie Hunter learns something new with each case he takes on. With as many cases as there are chapters, (12), the varying episodes of Ernie’s Upper Peninsula career make for a book to keep on the end table. – LJ Brouillette, Lawyer, Florence, WI

A master storyteller presents fascinating characters and the stories they actually lived out. A book you genuinely won’t want to put down – Dan Beggs , Rapid River, MI

A funny look at our often quirky legal system. From the courts of inner city Detroit to the small town antics of the Upper Peninsula. Recommended for anyone who likes to laugh. – Leah BelangerI have just finished reading Justice on the Side and I really enjoyed the book. It is a fun read. The characters are not only believable but familiar. I recommend the experience.– Helen Mary Sherman 

 I   found it to be an entertaining read.The stories are short and move along quickly so it is a pleasure to pick up and read whenever you have a little time. – Scott Searle, Gwinn, MI

Enjoyed the the book immensely.  Looking forward to the next one or a full length novel.  Move over Robert Traver.  – Gerry Padilla, Lawyer, Birmingham, MI

Just finished the book. Very well written!!!  When can we expect book number 2?
Am S. Johnson-Johnson, Escanaba, MI

Read the book. Enjoyed it. Waiting for number 2. – Mary Bea Stankowicz, Escanaba, MI

Loved the book! – Carole Charon, Escanaba, MI:

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  1. I enjoyed this book very much! Living in the U.P. made the book even better. Looking forward to reading the second one!

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