Risking Justice Reviews

Risking Justice Reviews

“Risking Justice” captures the experience of practicing law in Northern Michigan: the good, the bad, the appalling, and the noble. Moving rapidly from case to case, the novel never bogs down. The first paragraph of each chapter promises the enjoyment of a new story. – Dennis P. Grenkowicz, Attorney/Author, Alpena, MI

“Risking Justice is an authentic taste of the practice of law through the eyes of a people’s lawyer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Nino Green knows what he’s writing about. He edifies us with stories of how the law works and amuses us with his characters’ very human problems. Although this book is fiction, the epilogue bristles with significant albeit little known facts about the state of the law today.” – Hon. Marilyn Kelly, ; former Michigan Supreme Court Justice; current member, Wayne State University Board of Governors.

“This delightful book about practicing law in the small towns in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula could only have been written by a true ‘Yooper.’ The lawyers, and judges are all so real that they make us love and hate the legal profession at the same time. Risking Justice is for true lovers of legal drama. Green’s Ernest Hunter character perfectly captures the contrasting essence and flavor of practicing rough and sometimes ugly law amidst the natural beauty and purity of the Upper Peninsula,” – Hon. Donald E. Shelton. Circuit Court Judge, (retired), Ann Arbor, MI.

“Risking Justice portrays the human side of lawyers and judges, and the unholy clients whose less-than-perfect lives are on display in the courtroom. In this book, Ernest Hunter, a/k/a Ernie the Attorney, entertains us in the courtroom – and after hours – as he wins, loses, and comes to a draw. Though written as fiction, the book is an accurate portrayal of life as a small town attorney, where a win sometimes means getting an extra fifteen bucks, or getting your client a year in county jail. Attorney Nino Green made a legend of himself representing the under dog. Author Nino Green is now coming of age telling us the story of how a case is never simple, and the facts are rarely how we’d choose them to be. This book will entertain you, hearten you, and keep you reading to the end.” – Lisa Brouillette, Attorney, Florence, WI

“Nino Green is a natural-born story teller. And that is fortunate for us, because he uses that natural ability to bring to brilliant life some of the many fascinating experiences he has had practicing law in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the last 50 years or so. His stories are by turn sad and happy; they are about human frailty and cupidity but also about human strength and magnanimity. What a profoundly captivating book.” – Stephen Turner, Professor (retired), Department of English,Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee, WI.

“Nino Green writes of that which he knows– one man’s lifelong crusade for justice in rural America. And he delivers the story wistfully, in touching sentimental prose, sometimes dramatic, sometimes comedic.” – Hon. Roy Gotham, Circuit Court Judge, (retired), Bessemer, MI.

“Good lawyers are good storytellers. Nino Green’s new book is like an evening in a cabin with an old friend, a fire, and a bottle of whiskey. His stories are like an old soldier’s stories. Think of the Arabian Nights, but this time Scheherazade is a lawyer from the Upper Peninsula Funny, wise, and delightful.” – Barry Goldman, Mediator/arbitrator, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“If you want to learn something about how a canny lawyer plans his cases, you should read Nino Green’s well written book. Added to this bit of “inside” information are some very nice portraits of the Upper Peninsula. Nino is a city boy who has made good Up North.” – Bruce Miller, Attorney MillerCohen, Detroit, MI

“When I read Nino’s first book, Justice On The Side, I hoped there would be a sequel. Risking Justice continues the blend of quirky cases that gives the reader real insights into the legal system as practiced in the trenches. The Upper Peninsula plays a strong supporting role; and I laughed with delight as Ernie the Attorney joined his insurance adjuster friend in a series of misadventures involving fly fishing, ice fishing and hunting camps.” – Robert S. LaBrant, Attorney, Lansing, MI.

“After enjoying Justice on the Side, I looked forward to a sequel. Risking Justice did not disappoint. The semi-autobiographical, semi-historic adventures of Ernie the Attorney entertained me as Ernie led me through the halls of Upper Peninsula justice, the Upper Peninsula woods and the characters who peopled those halls and woods– a humorous and informative trip.” – Victoria Ann Radke, Attorney, Escanaba MI. 

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